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3 keys to manage your company’s information

In the society that we have lived, the information (and also the knowledge that comes from its correct use and management) has become the main asset of any company. An asset, on the other hand, valuable, which represents the core of every company, but which is often not given the importance it deserves. At Saeta Comunicació we believe that the correct management of information is a critical factor (a core element) for the success of companies. In this article we will give you, as an introduction and quickly, 3 keys to manage the information of your company. There are three reflections that we believe are basic for you to start taking into account the management of information in the day to day of your company or project.

  • Centralize. Although by definition the information always flows and moves, at the time of managing it is much better than doing it centrally through some kind of document manager. This document manager should be the central element of all the information management of your company, and on which all employees, partners or colleagues should work. This document manager, in turn, should be flexible enough to allow, here, a ubiquitous, multiplatform, networked work … and adapted to the uses and customs of all your people. And it should also have version control, users, etc.
  • Create models. A good way to manage information is to create uniformity, give a sense of the whole to all the information that is created in your company. In this sense, try to create models on which your employees can base themselves. Thus, look for the same image and graphic design for each documentary typology, name your files in the same way, use the folders, etc. All this will help you when it comes to having better organized information, and also in the search and recovery of it.
  • Join the best. But a good management of information can be left in only one attempt without the most important factor of all: people. The professionals of information management are the asset that should always close the virtuous circle. Without them, nothing would be possible in your company. So we recommend that you search among profiles of librarians or documentalists to incorporate them to the technical staff of your company. Surely you will win.

At Saeta Comunicació we are also experts in information and knowledge management. Contact us, and we will create an Information Management Plan fully adapted to the needs of your company and your project. We talk?

Author: Daniel Gil Solés, Department of Online Marketing and Online Strategy of Saeta Comunicació

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